A Brand New Blog

Welcome to my new blog.  I’m starting a new journey, writing in a new genre with the intent to publish and I’m really excited to share the process.

Fireworks About Me

I began writing at the age of 14 under the encouragement of a marvelous high school English teacher.  I’ve continued to write in the years since and have dabbled in almost every genre of fiction out there.

I haven’t really tried to get published, writing more for my own enjoyment and as a creative outlet, but recently, I discovered the New Adult fiction genre.  The books I’ve read by authors like Tammara Webber and others have fired my imagination.  I’m eager to write and share my stories.

A year ago, my brother and I formed a very small indie publishing house to self-pub some of his stories.  I enjoyed the process so much, I plan to publish my first New Adult Romance later this year.

Why This Blog

I’m awful at finishing things.  I’ll start a grand project and because I tend to be a wee bit of a perfectionist, if everything doesn’t turn out exactly right, I quit.  So, this blog is an effort to keep me focused on my objective of finishing my first NA novel and getting it published.

I’ll cover topics in writing and post updates on the progress of my story.

Glad you’ve joined me on this journey.



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