The First Step: From Inspiration to Story Idea

butterflies_are_freeA writer’s inspiration can come from anywhere.  For my new adult romance Work In Progress it started with a single character, the heroine.  She came in part from a great 70s movie with Goldie Hawn called Butterflies Are Free.  My heroine is loosely based on the hero, Don, not on Goldie Hawn’s character.  And the basis of the plot comes from the gorgeous title song by Stephen Schwartz.

I knew the day you met me,

I could love you if you let me,

Though you touched my cheek

And said how easy you’d forget me,

You said, “Butterflies are free,

And so are we.”

On that velvet morning,

When our love was forming,

I said it wouldn’t hurt me

If you left without warning.

I said, “Butterflies are free,

And so are we.”

And you made me understand

Right from the start,

I could hold your gentle hand,

But never hold your heart.

So why the crying?

Were out brave words lying

When we both agreed

There’d be no tears in our goodbying?

Butterflies are free.

Why aren’t we?

It’s interesting how a short song can inspire the main conflict in a story:  for various reasons, the hero and heroine in my story want to be free, they want to avoid commitment.  Yet, ultimately they discover that they can’t be free and that that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Butterflies and coffee.  Can it get any better?

Butterflies and coffee. Can it get any better?

It’s amazing, too, how quickly inspiration can strike and transform into a fullblown story idea.  A couple of days ago, the idea was just rattling around in my head.  When I finally forced myself to sit down and write out all the details, it bloomed like a flower, the characters, the plot, the conflict.

Cheers and kisses,



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