New Adult Books: Point of View Poll

povI’ve had quite the burst of creativity the last couple days. I’ve written nearly 2 chapters in my WIP but I’m at a bit of a stickying point/crossroads and it really comes down to character Point of View.

In the past, I’ve always written in 3rd Person (he, she, they, etc.). The genres I was writing in favored it and it’s much easier to switch between different character’s POV.

Seemingly following in the footsteps of Young Adult fiction, New Adult seems to favor almost exclusively the 1st Person Point of View (I, me, we). I’m actually really enjoying writing in 1st Person and my first draft is going really well.

The question is (this is a New Adult Contemporary Romance, by the way) whether to stick with a single 1st Person POV, my heroine’s, or to switch back and forth between the heroine and in hero in 1st Person, basically trading off chapters (and of course making sure to identify who’s talking at the beginning of each chapter).

Personally, I like having both POVs in a romance, but I’m wondering what other readers think. Any opinions out there?

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One thought on “New Adult Books: Point of View Poll

  1. I’m biased in my response, because I am doing alternating first person POV between my hero and heroine. I did not identify who was speaking at the beginning of each chapter, however, I was careful to indicate it early on, in some way.

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