About Heather

About Me

I started reading at age 3 and haven’t been able to put a book down since.  My Mom used to schlep me to 4 local libraries so I could max out my weekly checkouts.  I started writing at age 14 at the urging of an amazing high school English teacher who extoled his students to:

write, Write, WRITE.  Forget grammar.  Screw punctuation.  Write what’s in your heart.  Then go back and polish it until it shines.

I’ve been writing ever since.  Mainly fiction.  I write a lot of technical, scientific documents for my day job as a scientist in a local hospital.  But I love using both sides of my brain and I’ve written short stories and full-length works in a variety of genres including mainstream fiction, suspense, horror, romance, kid lit and more.

I only made a few half-hearted attempts to get published.  Then about a year ago, my brother and I formed a small indie publishing house to publish his stories.  I enjoyed the process and started writing more seriously.  At about the same time, I discovered New Adult Fiction.  The books of writers like Tammara Webber and Jamie McGuire really fueled my creativity.

I hope to self-pub my first New Adult Romance later this year.  This blog will chronicle the journey as I write, edit and self-publish.

I currently live in the Northwest with the love of my life and our fantastic son.





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