Editing and Self-Publishing: A Random wRiting Rant

Writing rant - Self-Pubbers please editI was going to start off my first “real” blog entry on this blog with a post about inspiration and story ideas, that being the first step in this journey of writing a book.  However, I was reading a new adult book for my book review blog,

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and by the third paragraph on the first page, I’d already noticed several grammatical errors.  The book is self-pubbed, so I’m willing to overlook a few typos and errors.  I’ve been through the self-publishing process with my brother’s stories.  I did the proofreading and editing and I know how hard it is to catch all those tiny typos.  However, as I keep reading, this book keeps getting worse.  (I shall leave the book unnamed and the author anonymous, cause I just don’t roll like that.  I’m a good girl, I am.) Continue reading


The First Step: From Inspiration to Story Idea

butterflies_are_freeA writer’s inspiration can come from anywhere.  For my new adult romance Work In Progress it started with a single character, the heroine.  She came in part from a great 70s movie with Goldie Hawn called Butterflies Are Free.  My heroine is loosely based on the hero, Don, not on Goldie Hawn’s character.  And the basis of the plot comes from the gorgeous title song by Stephen Schwartz.

I knew the day you met me,

I could love you if you let me, Continue reading

A Brand New Blog

Welcome to my new blog.  I’m starting a new journey, writing in a new genre with the intent to publish and I’m really excited to share the process.

Fireworks About Me

I began writing at the age of 14 under the encouragement of a marvelous high school English teacher.  I’ve continued to write in the years since and have dabbled in almost every genre of fiction out there.

I haven’t really tried to get published, writing more for my own enjoyment and as a creative outlet, but recently, I discovered the New Adult fiction genre.  The books I’ve read by authors like Tammara Webber and others have fired my imagination.  I’m eager to write and share my stories. Continue reading