Write What You Know, Know What You Write: A Random wRiting Rant

annoyed-tabby-catA couple of days ago, I had a real streak of writing inspiration.  I pounded out 3 chapters on my Work In Progress.  Then, like with many pantsers and pseudo-pantsers, I got a little stymied by where my story was going.

So, I decided to dig out my writing books and do a little brush up on plot development and planning.  One of the first hints in my Elements of Fiction Writing – Plot book is to Write What You Know.  That’s great advice and as writers, we hear it a lot, but I also want to emphasize the idea of Know What You Write.

Once again, my Random wRiting Rant topic was prompted by my reading.  I was reading an enjoyable New Adult Fiction romance (which shall remain unnamed to protect the author).  The author likes to use verbs in “creative” ways.  I think she’s trying to avoid passive verbs but sometimes the verb choice is totally inappropriate.  Even grammar nazi that I am, I can ignore that.  What I can’t ignore are blatantly incorrect facts, details that easily could have been researched. Continue reading


Editing and Self-Publishing: A Random wRiting Rant

Writing rant - Self-Pubbers please editI was going to start off my first “real” blog entry on this blog with a post about inspiration and story ideas, that being the first step in this journey of writing a book.  However, I was reading a new adult book for my book review blog,

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and by the third paragraph on the first page, I’d already noticed several grammatical errors.  The book is self-pubbed, so I’m willing to overlook a few typos and errors.  I’ve been through the self-publishing process with my brother’s stories.  I did the proofreading and editing and I know how hard it is to catch all those tiny typos.  However, as I keep reading, this book keeps getting worse.  (I shall leave the book unnamed and the author anonymous, cause I just don’t roll like that.  I’m a good girl, I am.) Continue reading