Verb Tense Whiplash: A Random wRiting Rant

Past-Present-Future-neon-sigWith lots of reading comes lots of rants, I guess.  So, another rant thanks to my current reads. 

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Anyway, I am currently reading a really sweet New Adult romance book (once again, author and title shall remain unnamed).  I love, love, love the story so far.  The plotting and characterization are brilliant and beautiful.

The whiplash I’m getting from flipping back and forth between past and present tense is not pretty, however.

Let me clarify, this is not due to flashbacks or any such thing.  The author flips from present to past to present tense in the same sentence.  This is another self-published read.  I know self-pubbed editing budgets are often limited but this is a glaring mistake.  And it doesn’t happen occassionally, it happens constantly. 

Here’s an example of what the past, present whiplash is like (not an actual example from the book):

I walk into the room and tripped on the edge of the carpet, falling onto my face and crushed my nose.

OMG, it’s painful and hard to read.  I love this book so I will read on, but seriously, self-publishing authors, please, please, please offer your grammar nazi friend a case of beer or something to read through and red-ink your manuscript.  These are big, glaring mistakes, not like a random missed comma or the rare typo.  This can kill your chances of a reader finishing your book or ever reading another one of your books.

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Lost in the Weeds, A Perspective on Revisions

RevisionsI’ve admitted before that I’m an editing whore.  I get stuck in an endless round of edits and never get to that “Final” version of my WIP.  Currently, I’m stuck in Revisions Hell.

I got 13,000 words into my WIP and didn’t like the way it was headed.  I tried some minor character and plot revisions with no avail.  So, major revisions here I come.

This unfortunately means I will lose pretty much all those 13,000 words (nearly 6 chapters).  I have learned in the past that, unfortunately, when I do revisions of this magnitude, trying to cling to the original draft of the manuscript ends in a horrible mess with continuity errors, etc.  It’s better to start fresh.

So, here’s me starting over.  I am however much, much happier with the direction of my revised characters and plot.  Hopefully that will stick past 13,000 words this time.

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I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think It Means: A Random wRiting Rant

inigo_montoyaI’ve been reading a lot lately.  OK, I read a lot normally but I’ve been reading a ton lately. Many of the new adult books I’ve been reading are self-published. I’m impressed by how well put together many of them are. I’ve only run into one total train wreck I couldn’t finish and another that could have used an extra round of fine comb edits. The rest have a minor typo here and there but for the most part, very impressive.

I’ve read three titles by a particular author (again, not dropping names cause that’s just bitchy) whose books are particularly well done except for one issue that drive me absolutely bonkers. She uses verbs in a way I have decided to call “creative”, to be nice. Continue reading

Editing and Self-Publishing: A Random wRiting Rant

Writing rant - Self-Pubbers please editI was going to start off my first “real” blog entry on this blog with a post about inspiration and story ideas, that being the first step in this journey of writing a book.  However, I was reading a new adult book for my book review blog,

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and by the third paragraph on the first page, I’d already noticed several grammatical errors.  The book is self-pubbed, so I’m willing to overlook a few typos and errors.  I’ve been through the self-publishing process with my brother’s stories.  I did the proofreading and editing and I know how hard it is to catch all those tiny typos.  However, as I keep reading, this book keeps getting worse.  (I shall leave the book unnamed and the author anonymous, cause I just don’t roll like that.  I’m a good girl, I am.) Continue reading